• - Oracle Data Guard with Oracle Database 11g Release 2
    An Oracle Technical White Paper. October 2011. Oracle Data Guard 11g. Data Protection and Availability for Oracle Database ...
  • - Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration - Oracle Help Center
    Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration, 11g Release 2 (11.2) .... Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( New Features in Oracle Data Guard .
  • - Oracle Data Guard
    9. Automatic Block Repair – High Availability. 10. Far Sync - Zero Data Loss Protection at any Distance. 10. Database Rolling Upgrades using Active Data Guard.
  • - RMAN Best Practices for Oracle Data Guard & Oracle Streams
    2. Oracle Recovery Manager Best Practices for. Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Streams: Direct from Development. Timothy Chien. Principal Product Manager.
  • - Best Practices for Synchronous Redo Transport - Data Guard ... - Oracle
    How to assess SYNC performance with Oracle Database 12c ... Data Guard transport services handle all aspects of transmitting redo from a primary to a standby ...
  • - 12TB Data Guard Standby on a Wide Area Network - Oracle
    Agenda. • Fidelity National Financial. • HA/DR Requirements. • DR Technical Challenges. • Data Guard Configuration. • Tips & Tricks. • Creating a 12TB Standby.
  • - Oracle Data Guard - Technical White Paper
    Oracle Data Guard in. Oracle Database 10g Release 2. Business Continuity for the Enterprise. An Oracle White Paper. November 2006 ...
  • - Seamless Application Failover with Data Guard - Oracle
    Oracle Data Guard, Switchover / Failover. New application failover features in Oracle Database 11g Release 2. Seamless Application Failover with Data Guard.
  • - Beat-up Your Oracle Data Guard Standby with Oracle Real Application ...
    Oracle Data Guard. Best Protection at Lowest Cost. Production. Database. SYNC or ASYNC. Redo Shipping. Automatic Failover. Active. Standby. Databases.
  • - Deploying Oracle Data Guard with Oracle Database Appliance
    monitoring, and automation software to create and maintain one or more synchronized copies (standby databases). Oracle Data Guard helps maintain database ...
  • - Oracle Data Guard Broker 12c: New Redo Transport Configuration ...
    An Oracle White Paper. March 2014. Oracle Data Guard Broker. Best Practices for Configuring Redo Transport for Data Guard and Active Data Guard 12c ...
  • - Using Recovery Manager with Oracle Data Guard in Oracle10g
    databases managed by Data Guard in an Oracle Database 10g environment. Note ... RMAN procedures to manage backups in their Data Guard configuration.
  • - Role Transition Best Practices: Data Guard and Active Data ... - Oracle
    With proper planning and execution, Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard role transitions can effectively minimize downtime and ensure that the database ...
  • - Oracle Active Data Guard
    Oracle Active Data Guard delivers real-time data protection and availability while eliminating compromise inherent to other solutions for the Oracle. Database.
  • - Active Data Guard - Oracle
    Focus on Oracle Database 11g and Redo Apply (physical standby) ... 7x greater volume and 27x more network I/Os than Data Guard. • Round-trip network ...
  • - Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration - Oracle Docs
    and concepts, and helps you configure and implement standby databases. Audience. Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration is intended for database ...
  • - Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle Data Guard
    Overview of Oracle Data Guard. ▫. Technical Challenges in Capturing Data in Presence of Data. Guard Role Transitions. ▫. Overview of Integrated Capture.
  • - Oracle Data Guard Broker - Oracle Docs
    U.S. GOVERNMENT RIGHTS Programs, software, databases, and related documentation and technical data delivered to U.S. Government customers are ...
  • - Oracle Data Guard - OTN Case Study
    Oracle Data Guard. • Synchronous data protection: Zero data loss. • Production data center & remote disaster recovery site on Wide Area Network separated by ...
  • - OTN Case Study - Oracle Data Guard
    Case Study: Oracle E-Business Suite with Data Guard. Across a Wide Area Network. “Data Guard 10g is a complete, reliable, DR solution for the mission critical ...
  • - Oracle Database Appliance: Implementing Disaster Recovery ...
    of Oracle Active Data Guard, the standby database environment does not need to be idle, dark capacity. Instead, the standby database.
  • - Data Guard: Beyond DR - Oracle
    Oracle Data Guard: Defining the Next Era in Data. Availability and Data Protection. Ashish Ray. Lee Parsons. Group Product Manager. Database Engineering ...
  • - Oracle Active Data Guard vs Storage Remote Mirroring
    Active Data Guard also eliminates the risk inherent in generic data protection offered by storage-centric solutions such as array-based remote mirroring.
  • - CERN - Database Migration using Data Guard - Oracle
    Cross Platform Database Migration using Oracle Data Guard - a CERN Case Study. October 2007. Cross-Platform Database Migration with Oracle Data Guard.
  • - Best Practices for Data Guard and Active Data Guard Redo ... - Oracle
    Redo Apply Best Practices. Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard. ORACLE WHITE PAPER | UPDATED AUGUST 2018 ...
  • - Concepts and Administration - Oracle Docs
    xix. Conventions xx. Changes in This Release for Oracle Data Guard Concepts and. Administration. Changes in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( xxi.
  • - Oracle Ac$ve Data Guard: Power, Speed, Ease, and Protec$on
    Agenda. Introduc$ons. MAA in Produc$on at Mul$Plan. Ease. Power. Speed. Protec$on. MAA in Produc$on at IndianOil. 4. In all things Oracle Data Guard!
  • - Data Guard Role Transitions and Streams - Oracle
    physical standby database. Summary of Key Points. • To achieve seamless Data Guard role transitions that involve a switchover the configuration should.
  • - Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration - Oracle Docs
    Using SQL ALTER SYSTEM SET to Modify a Server Parameter File .................. 11-4. 11.3. Initialization Parameters for Instances in a Data Guard Configuration .
  • - Cisco DCAP Oracle Data Guard WAAS DC Replication
    Oracle Data Guard is one of the most effective and comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solutions available for enterprise data. The solution ...

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